P&G in Saudi Arabia (Modern Industries & Modern Products Company)

“What I saw in this place filed my heart with pleasure and admiration and increased my confidence in the people of our country that with God’s help; they will reach to the forefront in the march for progress and development. I pray to God to give them strength and perseverance and to make success their ally” Late King Faisal

  • 1961 Modern Industries Company (MIC) plant (the Tide Plant) was built in Jeddah
  • 1965 King Faisal inaugurated the plant, citing its importance in modern Saudi Arabia.
  • 1982 Modern Products Company (MPC) plant built in Jeddah
  • 1983 MIC plant (Fabric, Home Care and Hair Care) opened in Dammam

For generations, both MPC and MIC kept growing, always ahead of their times. We built more plants, the first diapers plant in Saudi (MPC plant in Jeddah) to exclusively manufacture baby diapers and feminine pads, and a third plant was built in Dammam to meet the increasing demand for our products and reach international markets.

To date, both MIC and MPC have invested more than 3 billion Saudi Riyals in capital expenses. We introduced more high quality brands in the Arabian Peninsula; all our brands have leading market shares and are well trusted by our consumers.